Day: November 2, 2021

5 Ways to Repair Dysfunctional Mother-Daughter Relationships5 Ways to Repair Dysfunctional Mother-Daughter Relationships

The Mother-daughter relationship is exceptional. The mother becomes the sea of love while the daughter is the shore to the sea. The bond we picture of mother and daughter is of best friends, who share stuff, problems, secrets, and even clothes! When we look at the other side, not everyone has the same story. There are mother-daughter relations starving for love, attention, and friendship. A bad relationship will affect anyone, and it hits badly, even more, when it is with someone very close and dear to us. If your relationship with your daughter or mother is a topsy-turvy curve, let’s try to get it linear here.

Five Ways To Fix The Problem

Any relationship needs love, understanding, attention, and care to flourish. If it’s lacking in a bond, the bond is weak and vulnerable to breakage. Both sides need to play their part well in order to fix the problem. There is also the possibility that one has to take more burden than the other if someone really wants to repair the dysfunctional relationship. 

Patient Listening 

Patient listening helps in understanding the problem. If you are listening to respond, then the thoughtful conversation isn’t happening. This practice opens up the channel of understanding and lets you connect with your mother/daughter. It is the way of showing that you understand them and respect their feelings. 


Communication lets the emotion flow from one person to the other. Being able to express one’s feelings is half the way to excellent relations. It will help to know the perspective of both sides on a similar topic. Instead of judging or telling why the person’s expression is wrong, be all ears to their outlook. Even if you don’t agree, you don’t have to tell the person straight away. 

Being Open-Minded

Being open-minded helps in showing the person that you care. It makes the person feel ten times better when they know that they are being heard and accepted. When both the parties share about each other or anything, both have to be open-minded. Learn to accept each other’s perspective of life, and don’t criticize for their perspective is different from yours. 

Learn And Teach Together

Both of them have their life experience. Both can always learn from each other’s mistakes. Mother and daughter can share their knowledge, problems, and the way they deal with them. It is good for a daughter to learn from her mother’s mistakes and good for her mother to listen to the way she wants to respond to the problem. With quality sharing, you can always come up with quality ideas to deal with the problem. 

Give Each Other Space

To appreciate a thing, one needs to lose it to know its worth. Here you don’t have to lose anything but create a positive space for each other. The time spent together is valuable because you had the time to recall it all by yourself. Giving each-other space creates a room for appreciating the time together, making it worthy.

The Bottom Line

Having a good relationship is important for survival, and no one wants to be in a toxic relationship. There are relations that you cannot cut off from life no matter what. One such relation is the relation of mother and daughter. Sorting things out on your own can be challenging. If things are not going your way, consider seeking therapy. The editors at agreed that therapy can help in cutting out toxicity in a relationship. It assists in understanding both the sides and perspective and brings out a better solution to rebuild a dysfunctional relationship.